Operational Strategy

MBR Reload Central is set up to handle to handle any of your transloading needs. We have a fleet of forklifts from 8,000lbs all the way up to 20,000lbs. We also have a crane to handle any materials loaded into gondola railcars. Multiple warehouses and acres of outside space allows us to accommodate any of your storage needs. Our rail spurs have ample space to accommodate any dry or liquid bulk transfers.

Competitive Advantage

MBR Reload Central in located on the KCTL rail in Kansas City, MO with open reciprocal switching. This gives our customers a competitive advantage to use all 5 Class 1 railroads in Kansas City, with great highway access to get your trucks back on the road faster than any other facility in Kansas City.

About us

MBR Reload Central is your go to material handler to manage any of the transloading needs in Kansas City. With decades of experience in the industry our team is equipped to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Contact us

6700 Wilson Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64125

Tel 816-214-1209
Fax 816-483-7720

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